What Does Rural System Offer the Landowner?

375_628602523403_1118_nPut simply, the proposed Rural System provides a prescription for generating profit from lands and waters and from the services and means for implementing it.

Many rural landowners, especially those who do not live on site, lack consistent or substantial profits from their land. Increasingly, landownership is becoming a commodity much like car ownership which consumes more money than it returns. Rural system offers options for improved income and reduced costs on rural land which in turn means a likelihood of increased resale value. We also recommend diverse profitable activities to weather changing market demand or market value in any one venture. Essentially, Rural System solves the problem of being unable to make a living from landownership. We believe all land is valuable and profitable when properly managed.

Rural System proposes to offer customers the following 3 tiers of service:

  1. A diverse list of profitable ventures for rural land including agricultural and nonagricultural activities for consideration. The list may account for local natural resources and markets and be specific to the county level only.
  2. A comprehensive assessment of the parcel of property with a full, custom report including the most suitable profitable ventures based on specific characteristics of the land.
  3. Long-term strategic management recommendations based on the assessment above for a sustainable profit margin projected for the length of ownership.

Communities enjoy extended benefits of the implementation of Rural System on local properties because we encourage clustering in the form of “neighborhood ventures” and the introduction of new entrepreneurial activities spurs job creation. Local economies benefit from the circulation of dollars locally, increased tax revenues, and improved livelihoods.

Beyond local economies, there are local environmental benefits as well. Because Rural System intends to sustain profits in the long-term, we do not make recommendations which maximize short-term profits at the expense of natural resources. In aiming for long-term profitability, we optimize resource use and conserve or improve the existing natural environment.

What is Rural System selling? A prescription for the future!

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About Risa Pesapane

Risa is the Project Director for Rural System, Inc. and is an experienced research biologist and wildlife ecologist.

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