Rural System’s Bag ‘n’ Brag App for Hunters Featured in Roanoke Times

We are delighted that Jacob Demmitt of the Roanoke Times featured Rural System’s Bag ‘n’ Brag app for social hunters in an article originally published in The Roanoke Times, available here. To prepare for the article, Jacob Demmitt also participated in a lovely photoshoot with photographer Matt Gentry.Rural System Bag 'n' Brag photoshoot with Matt Gentry

We are  a company that creates tools for modern ecological management, and much of what we do involves making those tools available to the public. Bag ‘n’ Brag seamlessly integrates a tool with entertainment by including both a scoring and a social component.

The article mentions correctly that the hunting sector, “isn’t typically associated with techy gadgets,” but more and more we see rural activities like farming and hunting utilizing the best available technology. We like to refer to the tech-savvy rural person as Farmer 10.0 and we would like to join other companies at the forefront by providing improved intelligent tools such as prescriptive software.

Bag ‘n’ Brag has only just been released on June 26th so the app is still in its infancy. We have already had some downloads from word of mouth, but we’re hoping that as the press release continues to circulate the app will gain interest. Bag ’n’ Brag is a social app so naturally we have a Facebook page  to generate further attention!

We released Bag ‘n’ Brag in the Summer in anticipation of increased interest as we approach the hunting season in the Fall. The season varies slightly depending on the region and the weapon, but typically archery kicks the season off first in October.

Bag ‘n’ Brag’s developer, Risa Pesapane, is excited to share the new app with the World, “I have to say that we are all very happy and excited to see this product launch. It’s very rewarding to complete a project and it is amazing to see how the little idea of deer tape became such a creative endeavor. I couldn’t be prouder of the team and I feel like I’m the proud mother of a new baby product. Also, not all products ‘work’  but this one does! It’s exactly what we hoped and we are eager to see if people enjoy it and find it as useful as we hoped they would.”

The app was a collaborative effort of three local companies: Rural System, Inc., Vision Point Systems, and Handshake Media, Inc. Rural System took charge of the design by creating mockups and planning out the user interface. We don’t employ any of our own coders as of yet, so Vision Point Systems took care of the coding and contributed to the design and fluidity of the app. Bag ‘n’ Brag was then published by Handshake Media, Inc., a company founded by Anne Giles. Anne has many years of experience designing apps and, as Business Manager for Rural System, has been the leader of all things marketing, production, and public relations.

Demmitt’s article does a wonderful job of representing Rural System and its founder, Dr. Robert H. Giles. Dr. Giles was a wildlife manager and professor at Virginia Tech for 33 years before he became an entrepreneur, so he is very knowledgeable about the value of hunting to deer management and to ecosystem management. It is our hope that Bag ‘n’ Brag will showcase the utility of his knowledge and will ultimately attract funding to Rural System as a whole.

For information on upcoming White-tailed deer hunting seasons and regulations for Virginia and other states, visit this page.

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