Precise Rural System Management

Rural System takes land and water management very seriously. Every piece of land and water is unique and needs to be managed accordingly. No more averaging and getting results for conditions that do not exist! Instead, we propose the system would use vast databases on Virginia (and potentially other areas of the world) to diagnose and prescribe uses and management specific to the mapped area and volume. The data would be analyzed with geographic information system (GIS) software.

Here we demonstrate conventional GIS over-lay procedures. Our procedures, however, will go beyond these now-standard manipulations and also use “nearness-to” data (e.g., a dry map cell for wildlife but one near a pond) and present multi-factor, non-linear transition maps (e.g., likely “ecological succession” or change over many years showing effects on, e.g., wildlife, erosion, water-runoff, tree growth, building decay, and carbon storage). In some cases we will develop three-dimensional images of areas, and simulated aircraft flights over large areas.

Precision work is essential to modern rural resource management, that included within RRx system work.

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