Bag ‘n’ Brag is a free mobile application for social hunters!

Rural System Bag 'n' Brag Application

Bag ‘n’ Brag is designed to help you share your hunting success with friends and compete for the best Bag ‘n’ Brag scores!

With Bag ‘n’ Brag you can:

  • Record your White-tailed deer hunts
  • Share photos with friends on social media
  • Compete with friends
  • Use hashtag #bagnbrag on Facebook and Twitter to see others’ scores
  • Track your stats (Pro version)
  • Save bags to your Trophy Case (Pro version)


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Just enter basic information about your White-tailed deer hunt, calculate your score, add a photo and start sharing on social media. It’s that easy! (You must establish social media accounts independently in order to share the results from this application.)

When you upgrade to the Pro version of Bag ‘n’ Brag with Toolbox, you can save Brags to your trophy case, get access to other handy hunting tools like deer calls, and keep track of your stats. This feature is coming soon!

Bag ‘n’ Brag is a designed by Rural System, Inc. and a product of Handshake Media, Inc. Read our privacy policy.

For news of updates for Bag ‘n’ Brag, subsequent versions, or for other mobile apps and projects please follow us @bagnbrag on Twitter and on Facebook. Rural System founder, Robert Giles, Jr. PhD blogs about the future of rural business at

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Gardeners Rejoice! An app that helps you fertilize.SoilSmartOriginal

So you’ve taken the first step and gotten your soil tested. Now how do you apply that technical lab report? SoilSmartRx is a demonstration program designed to help people interpret their soil test reports. It is a web-based application meaning it can be accessed from a computer, a tablet, or smart phone. Just enter the values from your soil test report and some questions about your property and you’ll receive specific instructions on what soil amendments are needed to grow the healthiest plants.

There are also several resources within the app. For example, there is information on how to determine your soil texture, a listing of the preferred pH levels of common plants, as well as planting and harvesting guides for each state. The goal of this program is to demonstrate the utility of an easily-accessible, user-friendly tool for optimal home gardening. By using this application, gardeners could potentially fertilize their beds while minimizing excess cost and risk of over-fertilization. Best of all, the app is free to use!

This program is an example of prescriptive software, or software that combines scientific analysis and site-specific land characteristics to make custom recommendations for management.

Currently, SoilSmartRx is a beta version of a program being continuously developed by Rural System, Inc. and is meant to serve demonstration purposes only. Results generated by the program should not be considered expert guidance and we advise that you consult with a professional before applying any amendments to your garden.

Click on the picture to begin!