Six Things Rural Communities Can Do About their Meth Problems

A flu epidemic can be stemmed and treated as individuals bring themselves or family members in for medical care. But a meth epidemic is much harder to stop.

As an illegal substance, there are barriers between meth addicts and cures: the risk of imprisonment, fines, loss of child custody, and stigma from the sober community. On top of this, methamphetamine affects the decision-making parts of the brain, making it physiologically and psychologically much more difficult to quit. [Read more…]

On the Meth Epidemic in Rural America

Rural Appalachia is in long-standing poverty, and wherever coal mines have been and been depleted, the land health is very poor. We have populations of people without work, without money, and in poor health. In another post we’ve seen the prevalence of opioid addiction in rural America, and in Local Costs of Meth in Montgomery County, VA we caught a glimpse of meth addiction as well.

CRIME-SCENEThe full scope of meth addiction is intimidating, however, and causes much more damage than just high costs for taxpayers. Meth addiction in rural America is a fast growing epidemic, a problem of public health more so than justice. And meth addiction poses a danger for the entire rural community. [Read more…]

The Business Case for Opening a Suboxone Clinic

Given these indications of widespread prescription opioid addiction in rural America, we investigated the possibility of opening a Suboxone clinic as one of the Rural System Groups. rs_suboxone_clinicSuboxone is an evidence-based medication treatment known for reducing crime and illegal opioid use.

Here are basics about Suboxone: [Read more…]

On the Rise of Non-Heroin Opiate Addiction in Southwest Virginia

prescription_drugsLand health means nothing to us if people cannot be sustained upon it. And not merely sustained: the land cannot be tended and used well if the communities living there are enslaved by addiction.

We saw in The Local Costs of Meth in Montgomery County, Virginia that drug addiction affects whole communities. In addition to the psychosocial impact on friends, family members, and the addicts themselves, addiction results in high costs to taxpayers due to busts, cleanup, and incarceration. [Read more…]

The Local Costs of Meth in Montgomery County

CRIME-SCENEWhen people become addicted to drugs, though they are the primary victims they are not the only ones affected. Addiction influences whole communities, especially in rural areas where such communities are small and funds are tight. Here in Montgomery county, in Southwest Virginia, we are not an exception.

According to a recent news report, the sheriff’s office spent over 36,000 taxpayer dollars last year on meth lab clean-ups. This is over five times the amount they spent on the issue in 2012. [Read more…]