Conversations with a Founder – Forest Management

During the process of researching the post on the potential benefits of logging, The Value of Seemingly Vile Activities, I learned a great deal about my own misgivings about the logging industry. I searched for the basis of my opposition, not to our need for wood products, but for my gut reaction of uneasiness at the mere idea of harvest in currently protected areas. I decided to talk with our founder, Dr. Robert H. Giles, Jr. about my personal discovery and learned something new about Rural System in the process. [Read more…]

Conversations With a Founder – Reasonably Grown

Giles in UgandaI visited with Dr. Robert H. Giles, Jr., company founder, to talk in more detail about the alternatives Rural System presents to growing produce. My findings are summarized in the article Organic or Conventional Farming or is There Something Else? After our conversation however, I left with more than just the material I needed for a post on farming. I had stumbled upon a common theme within all of Rural System, one common objective for our systems approach. [Read more…]

Our First Product Failed but the Project Didn’t: How Can That Be?

A main focus of Rural System, Inc. is sensible land management, improving productivity and reducing cost to the landowner. For most of us, land management starts at home with how we landscape, fertilize our gardens, and choose which plants to grow. Therefore, Rural System set out to design a computer application that would help homeowners with aspects of personal property management.  A bonus of this software is that it served as our first example of prescriptive software, demonstrating how software can generate a custom management plan based on the unique qualities of a particular property. [Read more…]