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There are many benefits to installing a rural pond and some of them are profitable for the landowner. Pond planning and continued management are critical to the success of your pond whether it’s simply for aesthetic purposes or for profit. Without proper management, aquaculture stocks can suffer reduced yields, recreational waters can become dangerously contaminated, and aesthetic ponds can become mosquito breeding grounds. While your local state cooperative extension office is a great resource up front, advanced technology can help with consistent ongoing management. We searched the internet for the latest technology for people who are serious about sophisticated pond management.

Example Bathymetric Map

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  • Pond Aquaculture Management and Development (POND): Modeling software for the assessment of onshore shellfish and finfish aquaculture. This program is useful for both landowners and regulators of ponds. With this software the pond manager can simulate production analysis, environmental affects, mass balance analysis, and disease analysis as well as different seeding scenarios. The result is optimized production and environmental sustainability of the farming process. You can read an article about this software here.
  • In-Situ Wireless Aquaculture System: This product and its associated software is ideal for private landowners. The self-contained buoy measure oxygen levels and wirelessly sends the data to a software program which automatically controls aeration. Well-aerated ponds reduce the risk of fish kills and energy costs and this automated unit allows the farmer independence from regular adjustments.
  • Seneye POND: The Seneye is a remote sensing device which measures basic pond parameters such as temperature, pH, light, and ammonia which can be harmful to fish and other pond inhabitants when imbalanced. This product is ideal for private landowners and the company has additional products for aquariums too. Every 30 minutes the device logs current pond parameters and will issue alerts via email or text message when there is a problem. Data is uploaded to a cloud service which can be viewed from any device connected to the internet. The result is a healthy pond environment.

For larger, complex projects or for those who prefer to hire professionals as opposed to doing the work themselves a couple of consulting companies exist which can provide the necessary expertise and technological services.

  • Aqua-Link, Inc.: This company provides monitoring services, management guidelines and products to control weeds, algae, and aeration. Aqua-Link’s certified lake managers use GIS and sonar to map your pond or lake (bathymetry). Ideal for private landowners in the mid-Atlantic states who are trying to manage large ponds or watersheds.
  • Efficient POND Management from Rooted in Iowa, LLC.: This company provides an array of services including pond repairs, removal and installation of plants, pond aeration, bacteria and enzyme management, dredging, water gardens, fish assessment and other fish-farming products. Efficient POND Management also specializes in bathymetric mapping. They service waters that range from 1/10th acre water gardens to lakes of several hundred acres. Ideal for private landowners interested in installing or managing water features in Iowa or contact for services in other states.

Jessica Furlong conducted the research for this post. 

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  1. Laurel Sindewald says:

    This is quite a useful list! Such a proliferation of software for pond planning and monitoring makes me wonder what software there is available for soil right now.

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