Rural System Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Rural System Guide! Rural System is a large, for-profit conglomerate seeking to optimize profits, aesthetics, and ecological health in rural America. This page is a table of contents designed to give you an overview of the system. You will find:

Rural System Introduction

Articles in this section provide an introduction to basic Rural System concepts, values, and overall vision.

About Rural System
Dr. Giles shares his difficulties in describing Rural System in a series of 13 amusing stories. He includes the Capsule (What’s Rural System?), and attempts to supplement it with diagrams.

Behind Doing Business: Our Credo

Curriculum Vitae and Information about Robert H. Giles, Jr.

Design Documents A1, A2, and A5
The umbrella entity is a land development, conservation, and education organization. It may use national and state lands and waters but, most importantly, it provides opportunities for the owners of private lands and waters (by design for absentee owners) to experience profits related to superior land management. While managing the assets of such lands, Rural System, Inc. provides related services, products, and seven other major benefits from the unified business units.

The Need: What’s Behind Rural System
Designing and developing Rural System, we try to deal with the difficulties within the gray space, the intersection of the zone between research and development, between business and ecological systems, and between government initiatives and private continuance. On one hand, it seeks to test a hypothesis that a modern ecosystem management system can sustain estimated rural (agricultural and natural resource) productivity while maintaining ecosystem health and enhancing social and economic development. It presumes access to many privately-owned natural resources and develops a dispersed working system, literally a “business ecosystem,” that can restore and manage new rural systems upon which such a business can be perpetuated.

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Rural System Groups

Groups are small businesses in operation on Rural System Enterprise Environments (properties). There are over 150 Groups envisioned for Rural System. The Groups have been organized here into 7 categories, as seen in the key of the diagram above. Use the diagram to jump to the table of contents for each category.