A Shining Example of the New Enterprise Environment

Joe's tree farm 2On Monday afternoon I went out to Joe’s Trees to cut down this year’s real Christmas tree. It was a rather quiet afternoon so I had a long enjoyable talk with the owner, Sue Bostic. In a previous post I mentioned that I’ve been coming to Joe’s Trees for over a decade. Sue still remembers the year that I was traveling to my childhood home for the holidays and hauled an 11 foot tree for 5 hours on the roof of my 1990 Toyota Camry! We talked about my recent article “Should You Buy a Real or Fake Christmas Tree” and how much she appreciated us sharing valuable, accurate information with the public about trees. “So many of our visitors come from cities and have no idea about the growth of a tree or the environmental value of tree farms. We hope to change that.” said Sue. She forwarded the article to Jeff Miller, Secretary of the Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association and the National Christmas Tree Association who also enjoyed the post. It’s extra special to know that our posts are valuable to those could benefit from Rural System concepts and that we’re getting meaningful traffic on our blog. [Read more…]

Should You Buy a Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

Xmas treeEvery year, the decision to get a natural or artificial Christmas tree is hotly debated in many households. There’s no clear answer and the decision often boils down to personal preference, but there are some facts the consumer should consider. Aside from being a bit less convenient, according to our research, buying a real tree can be better for the environment, our economy, and perhaps even our families. Here are the top ten reasons to buy a real, natural Christmas tree. [Read more…]