Rural System’s Bag ‘n’ Brag App for Hunters Featured in Roanoke Times

We are delighted that Jacob Demmitt of the Roanoke Times featured Rural System’s Bag ‘n’ Brag app for social hunters in an article originally published in The Roanoke Times, available here. To prepare for the article, Jacob Demmitt also participated in a lovely photoshoot with photographer Matt Gentry.Rural System Bag 'n' Brag photoshoot with Matt Gentry

We are  a company that creates tools for modern ecological management, and much of what we do involves making those tools available to the public. Bag ‘n’ Brag seamlessly integrates a tool with entertainment by including both a scoring and a social component. [Read more…]

Now Hunters Can Share Their Success with Rural System’s Bag n Brag App

Hunting White-tailed deer this season? Start bragging and download Bag ‘n’ Brag!


Rural System, Inc., a systems-based land-management enterprise, has just released the Bag ‘n’ Brag app for social hunters. Bag ‘n’ Brag allows hunters to share details of their bags with friends and family. This free app is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Rural System Bag 'n' Brag ApplicationBag ‘n’ Brag lets users record their White-tailed deer hunts, upload and share pictures, and connect with Facebook and Twitter with the #bagnbrag hashtag. Bag ‘n’ Brag also features a built-in weight calculator, allowing hunters to simply enter a girth measurement to estimate their bag’s weight. The upgrade Bag ‘n’ Brag Pro is coming soon, and includes the options to track hunting stats and to develop a Trophy Case of the best bags. [Read more…]

Sampling in Alpha Units

alpha units

Alpha units, stretching across the enterprise environment.

As Our Wealth of Data and its Wasted Potential so eloquently put it, big data companies and research programs in our modern age have more data than they have the funds or time to analyze. For a price, all of this data could be available to Rural System, feeding directly into the prescriptive software of VNodal. [Read more…]

Prescriptive Software: The Future of Land Management

In several posts I’ve alluded to advanced technology which can use big data as the platform (or system inputs) to generate recommendations (or system outputs) for land use which balances environmental and economic goals (or system objectives) by smarter, more efficient use of our natural resources. At Rural System, we believe this technology is prescriptive software but what is “prescriptive software?” [Read more…]

Our Wealth of Data and Its Wasted Potential

Data, data everywhere, where it goes…does anybody care?

Computer data
Information about our surrounding environment, collectively referred to as “data,” is collected on a daily basis today more than any previous point in history. Every industry, for its own respective purposes, scientifically collects data to make informed decisions. Technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) now allow us to organize that data spatially and temporally. ESRI leads the industry in mapping software with broad applications but the data has to be supplied by the user. All of this information is considered “big data” because it is compiled into huge datasets. However, our end result is often small, a concept well discussed in this article. The ultimate application of all of this information seems limitless. [Read more…]